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Eluv Interview with Astrologer Laura Barat

Eluv Interview with Astrologer Laura Barat

November 13, 2019


Laura Barat specializes in Vedic astrology along with Western Astrology. In this interview we spoke about various aspects of both formats of astrology, including Vedic remedials, which are ancient techniques that can be employed to placate the planets to improve the quality of one’s life and understanding.

Laura has many articles and videos on her website and Youtube channel where you can learn about Vedic astrology in all areas including: medical, health and nutrition, astrology of character, occult astrology, predicting events, optimal career paths, relationship compatibility and more. 

You can visit her website for more information on the various types of readings she offers, and connect via her other platforms.



Please note there is some audio static from the phone connection at the beginning of the interview, which clears up after a bit.




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