Eluv Live Interview with Internal Astronaut creators, Sebastian Sine and Elijah Tome


For those of you who like to push the envelope and live outside the box, creators of this unique portal http://www.internalastronaut.com, Sebastian Sine and Elijah Tome provide you with an opportunity to actively participate in “IA” or Internal Astronaut, and help create user generated content…pushing the boundaries of mind/body/space, and going beyond with unlimited potential for inner growth and exploration into the self, and the expanses of the universe.

One part art project, one part social experiment, the Internal Astronaut and its accompanying Temporal Decompression Device, also referred to as the T.D.D., are currently under the humble management of two individuals: Sebastian Sine and Elijah Tome. Sebastian and Elijah are very adamant about defining their roles in regard to the Internal Astronaut as well as the T.D.D. They openly admit their active involvement in the development of the Temporal Decompression Device but strongly emphasize that the ideas and concepts contained within the Internal Astronaut have existed for ages and as such they cannot, in clear conscience, take credit for the creation of the Internal Astronaut its self. Sebastian and Elijah have embarked on a joint effort to present the Internal Astronaut as a philosophy for the future, one that has the potential to identify the similarities among all humans as well as encouraging the development of each individual's unique abilities of perception.

Internal Astronaut is a method of thought who's emergence during this particular time here on earth marks the ending of an era and the dawning of a new age in human thought and development.

Check Out Internal Astronaut here: http://www.internalastronaut.com/