Eluv Inteview with Wynne Paris

Wynne Paris & Eluv performing at Rasa Lila Fest Photo: Amelia Bartlett


Wynne Paris blends an eastern Heart and a western Head  for a great mix” -  Krishna Das

I met Wynne Paris years ago and have had the fortune of getting to know him and play with him over the years. This conversation is just a glimpse into Wynne Paris and his musical journey. He is a wonderful multi-instrumentalist and performer with a joyful outlook on life and the Bhakti path. His concerts are filled with great musicianship, Bhakti (devotion) and are lots of fun.

Wynne Paris is a world beat artist/producer and musician who has spent the last decade devoted to an emerging genre of spiritual music: Yoga music and Kirtan. Wynne’s artistic sound is derived from 20 years of musical adventures and spiritual experiences.

Wynne spent most of his twenties playing rock guitar and singing the blues at nightclubs around Washington DC.  In 1994, at the age of 30, Wynne took up yoga, dated a bellydancing astrologer, and had a series of spiritual and mystical experiences that transformed not only his musical style, but his vision of the world. One evening in 1996, Wynne was invited to jam with the Indian Saint Ammachi. The Darshan or blessings he received from Amma the "hugging saint" inspired a vision quest to California and ultimately a move to Marin county to study Indian music, shamanism and yoga.

It was Yoga that gave Wynne a new voice , a new instrument, and a new venue in which to use them.  The new voice: Kirtan chanting, ( the call-and-response singing of Bhakti yoga) ; the new instrument: Sarod (a 26 stringed, sitar-like instrument from India); the new venue: yoga centers.

For more info on Wynne Paris : www.wynneparis.com

For more info on Eluv: www.radiantsol.com

Wynne Paris & Eluv performing at Lotus Pond Photo: mn8multimediawynne_eluv_lotuspond_PODBEAN.jpg